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1 Introduction

Due to the high efficiency, energy saving, waste treatment and short construction period is beneficial for environmental protection waste incineration power generation technology; at the same time, the CFBB circulating fluidized bed boiler (circulating fluidized bed boilers) has the advantages of high combustion efficiency, strong adaptability and combustion characteristics of high strength, is worthy of the new technology of boiler. Therefore, the use of circulating fluidized bed boiler incineration of garbage power generation, not only can solve the problem of urban solid waste, but also to alleviate the problem of energy crisis in recent years. The SUPMAX800 system of Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co. Ltd. Dahua Instrument Factory of DCS company independent development, in addition to the conventional DCS control functions, also supports the HART fieldbus function, through the field bus equipment management software HART, can realize the maintenance and management of HART equipment and other functions, has been successfully used in waste incineration power plant project.

2 waste incineration power plant process flow

Processing technology and equipment in waste incineration, heat and power generation in one circulating fluidized bed incineration, is a kind of circulating fluidized bed combustion technology developed on the basis of new and advanced waste treatment technology and equipment. Circulating fluidized bed is a national industry policy clearly recommended energy-saving environmental protection combustion furnace type. The utility model is especially suitable for burning inferior fuel, and has good adaptability to high ash content, high moisture content and low heat value of domestic waste.

Garbage incineration process as shown in figure 1.

When the city garbage transported to the incineration plant into the garbage tank, the grab hopper, from the top of the incinerator into the furnace, fall in the activity in the middle of the bed; in the fluidized bed, the garbage is strenuous exercise sand crushed and soon burn. The steam enters the turbine output and power generation, the flue gas generated into the dust emission or comprehensive utilization.

3 instrument control design and Application

The SUPMAX800 control system to complete the analog control system MCS (modulation control System), SCS (sequence control sequence control system system electric control system (Electrical), control, system) data acquisition system of DAS (data acquisition system) and the boiler furnace safety monitoring system FSSS (furnaces safety supeoisory system) function, to meet various operation working set requirements, ensure safe, reliable and efficient operation. The SUPMAX800 control system in accordance with the production process of waste power plant, hierarchical design, in order to DCS local fault or failure of equipment, automatic or manual selection operator with low control level, without losing control of the whole process.

As shown in Figure 2, the SUPMAX800 control system through the HART card to realize the data communication function between HART device and PC, each HART card can be connected to 8 HART equipment, HART equipment management software through the serial communication with the HART card with HART implementation of bridge function, realize the channel switching different address equipment the.

4 concluding remarks

With the rapid development of information technology, the interconnection between equipment and instrument in industrial process automation and manufacturing automation is gradually away from the traditional distributed control system. In the field bus standard has not yet been completely replace the transition period of 4~20MA signal, we need a new type of intelligent instrument supports both digital signal and analog signal is compatible with the traditional transition agreement, a HART protocol is the most representative and universal. At present, many decentralized control system does not support the HART protocol, or only use AI to obtain the analog input information of HART equipment, digital information can not be obtained for other problems, Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co. Ltd has developed HART equipment acquisition and release system, to complete the HART equipment information in distributed control system. This is the product of their own DCS function is an extension, but also to meet the needs of the market in a timely manner to meet the needs of customers

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