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Coalbed gas meter

The use of coal-bed methane power generation is a new energy use and environmental protection projects. 2006, the state will be included in the development of coalbed methane in 11th Five-Year energy development plan, to 2010, plans for the use of coal-bed methane up to 3 billion cubic meters or more, coal-bed methane installed capacity of more than 1500MW.

The main process system of coal-bed gas power plants including coal-bed gas pressurization system, gas engine system, waste heat boiler system and turbine generator system, deaerator water supply system, water treatment system, water supply and heating system and cooling water system, substation 220kV. The main process adopts the combined cycle mode of a waste heat boiler and a steam turbine to generate electricity, and the power generation efficiency is increased to about 44%. Through comprehensive utilization, the energy efficiency of the power plant can reach about 80%.

Shanxi Jincheng Sihe Coal Mine 120MW coal seam gas power plant is the country through the CDM (Clean Development Mechanism, namely the "clean development mechanism") key projects set up the way, and by the Asian Development Bank loans to build the Asia largest coal-bed methane power generation demonstration power plant. Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary of Shanghai electric (SEC) environmental protection group, is responsible for providing the entire plant instrumentation and control system solutions and equipment integration.

The project is configured with 13 pairs of redundant DPU, the whole plant monitoring I/O signals a total of more than 7000 points. It has 1 engineers, 25 operator stations, 2 historical data servers and 6 communication interface servers. From the scale point of view, the number of DPU configuration, I/O number and the number of workstations are more than a set of 300MW coal-fired unit control system.

In addition to the DCS platform, my company has a complete set of equipment instrumentation, two meters, large screen systems and other equipment. The temperature meter of 124 sets, 106 sets of pressure and differential pressure transmitter, pressure gauge, flow meter of 88 sets, 39 sets, 8 sets of actuators and other auxiliary instrument 240 sets; 3 sets of large screen display, large screen display graphics manager 1.

As the instrument and control system of the large coal bed gas power generation demonstration plant, the successful implementation of the scheme has set up the model of the instrument and control system of large scale coal gas power plant. The program is a major breakthrough in our country in the field of automation control, will lead the national large-scale coal-bed methane power plant control and management technology unceasing development, the development of large-scale coal-bed methane power generation industry will play a huge role in promoting.

Engineering example:

Jincheng Shanxi Sihe Coal Mine 120MW coal gas power plant is the country through CDM (Clean Development Mechanism, that is, clean development mechanism) set up in Asia's largest coal-bed methane demonstration plant.

Since the company as a supplier of Shanghai electric environmental protection group, be responsible for providing the instrumentation and control system (control) solutions and equipment integration.

Control system configuration scale:

On the DPU:13.

IO points: 6800 points.

Operator station: 25 Taiwan.

Engineer station: 1 Taiwan.

Communication interface: 6 server.

For historical data server: 2

Matching instrument:

124 sets of temperature meter.

There are 106 sets of pressure and differential pressure transmitter

Table 88 sets of pressure.

39 sets of flow meter.

8 sets of actuators.

The other 240 sets of auxiliary instrument.

The successful implementation of the project has set up a model of the instrumentation and control system of large scale coal gas power plant, with the international advanced level. Is another major breakthrough in the field of automation control in China, which will play an important role in promoting the development of the industry

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Shanghai since the history can be traced back to 1925, with many outstanding enterprises, including the history of the first China instrument manufacturing enterprise - Dahua instrument factory, national technology center, investment holding shares of more than and 10 companies. Restructuring of the company in October 8, 1993 Shanghai automation instrumentation Limited by Share Ltd. Shanghai electric (Group) Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary. The company as a typical representative of Chinese automation industry development, has become the industry and has only Chinese automation system, instruments and actuators, optimal mechanism, system integrated manufacturing capacity of the strongest IT industrial enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Shanghai. Long term for the thermal power, nuclear power, rail transportation, environmental protection, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, cement and other business areas, to provide automation system control and solutions. Cultivate a batch of industrial design, system integration, instrument sets, engineering services, technical training and other professional personnel, adhere to the scientific management for continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, brand more than for promoting the development of science and technology innovation to market demand, offer users with first-class technology, first-class products and services to fight the market.
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