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Waste heat power generation

Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., control the application of independent research and development of SupMAX800 distributed control system to achieve the ratio of raw materials, raw materials for cement production process grinding, rotary kiln, cement mill and waste heat power generation etc.. The main control system of distributed control system based on SupMAX800 (DCS) as the main platform, the full realization of analog data and production process monitoring and control, data management and archive, you can always monitor the production process and operation. At the same time, the use of cement waste heat power generation, not only can reduce the production costs, while reducing the threat of coal to the environment. DCS complete analog control system (MCS), sequence control system (SCS), electrical control system (ECS), the data acquisition system (DAS), boiler furnace safety supervisory system (FSSS) function, to meet the various operating units, ensure the unit safe, reliable and efficient operation. The project adopts a distributed control system (DCS) and the supervisory information system (SIS), the plant height of automation and information, and ultimately achieve the goal of integration of management and control.

At present, the company successfully carried out in Hebei Luquan Qu Zhai India Cements Limited 5000T/D I&C project, is the first in the cement industry with the instrument of the total project. The main process system of the project includes 1 sets of waste heat power generation AC 800F control station, steam turbine room control station, kiln head boiler remote station and boiler tail boiler remote station.

Shangziyi at home and abroad to undertake a number of cement production line project since 2002, the waste heat power generation including Henan Dadi group India Cements Limited 5000T/D heat generation, Yongsan branch Anhui Conch Cement Co conch heat generation, Chongqing Tianzhu cement 2500T/D Henan Xingyang 12000T/D cement waste heat power generation, waste heat power generation; clinker production line includes: in the international engineering development of 2500T/D clinker production line, Ltd. Hunan Shaofeng building materials Co. Ltd. 2500T/D clinker production line; meter set DCS system including Sichuan cement plant 2500T /D, Qu Jiang Henan Anyang Tianhe cement 4500T/D and many other engineering.

The engineering practice has proved that the project of monitoring and control system of the third cement production lines in Luquan Qu Zhai India Cements Limited is successful, and it has played a good role in demonstration projects.

Engineering example:

Meter: Sichuan Qujiang cement factory 2500T/D, Henan Anyang Tianhe cement 4500T/D and many other engineering.

Clinker production line: in engineering 2500T/D clinker production line, Hunan Shaofeng international 2500T/D clinker production line etc.;

Waste heat power generation: Henan Dadi group India Cements Limited, Anhui Conch Cement Co 5000T/D cogeneration company Longshan conch heat generation, Chongqing Tianzhu cement 2500T/D Henan Xingyang 12000T/D cement waste heat power generation, waste heat power generation etc..

Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd is a large and medium-sized enterprise which is mainly engaged in manufacturing, engineering services and systems
Shanghai since the history can be traced back to 1925, with many outstanding enterprises, including the history of the first China instrument manufacturing enterprise - Dahua instrument factory, national technology center, investment holding shares of more than and 10 companies. Restructuring of the company in October 8, 1993 Shanghai automation instrumentation Limited by Share Ltd. Shanghai electric (Group) Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary. The company as a typical representative of Chinese automation industry development, has become the industry and has only Chinese automation system, instruments and actuators, optimal mechanism, system integrated manufacturing capacity of the strongest IT industrial enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Shanghai. Long term for the thermal power, nuclear power, rail transportation, environmental protection, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, cement and other business areas, to provide automation system control and solutions. Cultivate a batch of industrial design, system integration, instrument sets, engineering services, technical training and other professional personnel, adhere to the scientific management for continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, brand more than for promoting the development of science and technology innovation to market demand, offer users with first-class technology, first-class products and services to fight the market.
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