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Environmental protection

The practical application shows that the scheme of monitoring and control system for the project of Nantong municipal solid waste incineration cogeneration project is successful.

The environmental protection industry covers a wide field, Shanghai since this industry has been involved in the waste incineration power generation, biomass power generation, coal mine gas power generation, coal chemical industry, flue gas and wastewater treatment, completed a large number of projects. SupMAX800 has been used in all these projects, applications have achieved performance in large flue gas desulphurization project 300MW to the 600MW unit, and entered the field of circulating fluidized bed boiler control, complete control the largest province of Henan Shenhuo power plant 440 tons of circulating fluidized bed.

The successful implementation of the 800 SupMAX system of Nantong municipal solid waste incineration cogeneration project has become one of the first breakthrough projects in Shanghai. The use of garbage power generation, is not only a new energy use and environmental protection projects, but also to reduce the threat of waste to the environment, change the harm for the benefit. Nantong municipal solid waste incineration cogeneration projects reached on city life garbage processing 1500t, 3 sets of 500t/d circulating fluidized bed waste incinerator (rated boiler steam production 75t/h), with 2 15MW extraction condensing steam turbine.

This project adopts a distributed control system (DCS) and the supervisory information system (SIS). DCS to complete the project of MCS, SCS, ECS, DAS, FSSS function, to ensure the safe, reliable and efficient operation of the unit. The DCS system is connected to the SIS network through the SIS interface, SIS interface card machine connected by a pair of redundant and DCS network system, can real-time obtain all data points of DCS system, at the same time through another card of DCS data will be transmitted to the SIS network. Two pairs of network card settings, played a role in physical isolation.

The company to undertake a number of projects in the field of environmental protection industry, the circulating fluidized bed boiler control field including Yunnan Xunjiansi power plant in Henan Province, Jiangsu Nantong Rugao Shenhuo power plant, garbage incineration power plant in Zhejiang and Wenzhou in Ouhai piece of waste incineration power plant; water treatment including Jiangsu Lianyungang Tianwan Nuclear Power plant etc..

Engineering example:

DCS to complete the project of MCS, SCS, ECS, DAS, FSSS function, to ensure the safe, reliable and efficient operation of the unit. The project configuration of 12 pairs of redundant DPU, the whole plant to monitor the I/O signal a total of more than 3180 points (including the system margin of 18%).

The DCS system is connected to the SIS network through the SIS interface machine, the SIS interface machine is connected with the DCS system network through a pair of redundant network card, and the setting of two pairs of network card plays the role of physical isolation

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