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Thermal power

As the power plant project the national pillar industry, is one of the main fields of application of automatic instrument and control system. As early as 1992 has to undertake the Shanghai Waigaoqiao Power Plant 4*300MW unit, D-E-B technology is used to design the subcritical unit thermal power plant automation control system successfully. DCS automatic input rate of up to 100%. So far, has accumulated hundreds of sets of large power generation units DCS engineering design, commissioning experience.

The long-term accumulation of Shanghai since the project, has been fully understand and be familiar with the production process and management process of power plant, not only to achieve the automatic control machine, electric furnace, the auxiliary system can cover the whole plant (water, coal ash, etc.), the number of redundant configuration according to the real-time history database as foundation of supervisory information system the. DCS has special field bus communication card, to connect intelligent equipment with the controller can realize the connection of PLC or other control system through the communication interface station dedicated and integrated monitoring software, connect the SIS system through a dedicated network shutdown, and with instrumentation and control system integrated supply capacity, so as to realize the integration of the real control scheme the.

DCS control system covering DAS (data acquisition), MCS (analog control system), SCS (sequence control), FSSS (FSSS), DEH (steam turbine electro-hydraulic control system), ETS (emergency trip protection system), ECS (electric control system), MEH (electro hydraulic speed control system steam turbine) process system, and obtained good control quality and fast load response. The newly developed digital DEH system will soon be put into use

The characteristics of DCS in Shanghai since the unit power generation unit D-E-B (direct energy balance algorithm) technology, the design of automatic control system and further expand to the master control unit and large CFB generators and combined cycle generating units of various types of thermal power units. For the first time in 2005 by applying D-E-B technology to 600MW supercritical power generation unit automation control system design, and supercritical units in Hubei Huadian Xiangfan power plant 2x600MW successful operation. Through the operation comparison, the performance of the unit has been fully realized, and the performance of the unit is more outstanding in the key performance of the load response.

Up to now, we have completed 17 sets of supercritical units of 600MW and above, 300MW and above the sub critical units of the unit of, 200MW and the following units of 94 sets, circulating fluidized bed, such as the set of 21. At the same time, the completion of 16 sets of 300MW and above SIS project (hardware integration, software implementation and system services general contracting). Fully reflects the strength and market competitiveness of Shanghai since the instrument in thermal power field!

engineering application

So far, the DCS project has completed:

There are 17 sets of 600MW and above supercritical unit,

There are 82 sets of 300MW or more units of subcritical units,

There are 94 sets of 200MW and the following units,

There are 21 sets of circulating fluidized bed,

There are 16 sets of 300MW and above the SIS project

Shanghai Automation Instrumentation Co., Ltd is a large and medium-sized enterprise which is mainly engaged in manufacturing, engineering services and systems
Shanghai since the history can be traced back to 1925, with many outstanding enterprises, including the history of the first China instrument manufacturing enterprise - Dahua instrument factory, national technology center, investment holding shares of more than and 10 companies. Restructuring of the company in October 8, 1993 Shanghai automation instrumentation Limited by Share Ltd. Shanghai electric (Group) Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary. The company as a typical representative of Chinese automation industry development, has become the industry and has only Chinese automation system, instruments and actuators, optimal mechanism, system integrated manufacturing capacity of the strongest IT industrial enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Shanghai. Long term for the thermal power, nuclear power, rail transportation, environmental protection, petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy, cement and other business areas, to provide automation system control and solutions. Cultivate a batch of industrial design, system integration, instrument sets, engineering services, technical training and other professional personnel, adhere to the scientific management for continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, brand more than for promoting the development of science and technology innovation to market demand, offer users with first-class technology, first-class products and services to fight the market.
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