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Weighbridge weighing weighing instrument digital bounce factor
URL:www.63zz.icu Date:2017-2-9   click:2145

Xiao Bian today saw a lot of friends in all want to know the weighing scale loadometer weighing instrument about what is going on, so Xiaobian finishing the electronic loadometer weighing scale digital weighing instrument about relevant information, I hope you can help:

Loadometer scale technical requirements:

1 check the monitor connection for electronic weighbridge weighing whether the main rupture, if damaged in line can be.

2 check whether the junction box into the water.

3 check whether the sensor wiring rupture, check the sensor baud rate is normal, the sensor is damaged, such as fracture can change line or if there is a change to damage the sensor.

4 analog sensor, check whether the display compression capacitor aging damage, such as available sandpaper or file rub off the contact surface, can be firmly connected to.

5 check the weighing instrument and the main plug or socket in the long-term use may cause oxidation. If the plug or socket with 10% hydrochloric acid soak for ten minutes, then blow dry or drying can.

6 check whether the sensor is damaged or if there is a drift, with all the sensor terminal by only remove until only one, and then put the sensor by the joint, and observe the instrument display is normal, you can determine the damaged sensor. To be replaced to solve the problem. 7 check the electronic loadometer scale foot is loose or four foot scale imbalance, such as re reinforcement or adjust the scale feet four feet to the level of scale.

As for above factors related to bring the weighbridge weighing weighing weighing instrument digital rompish Oh, when you encounter such a situation, can then be related to the maintenance of the exclusive method to find the reason. If it has not been solved, you can contact our technical staff to solve the problem for you!