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The displacement sensor in the rim contour
URL:www.63zz.icu Date:2017-2-9   click:2159

What is the application of displacement sensor in the flange profile measurement, China's transportation industry has reached the level of the tip, as we do before the ordinary passenger to the current high-speed rail motor car, certainly not that China's transportation industry in the rapid growth, it cannot do without sensor effect.

The geometric parameters of train wheel state influence on running speed and stability, is very important for the safety of trains. Traditional detection method is more complex, usually with a special ruler with vernier to measure, resulting in relatively large measurement errors of manual data reading, and can not realize the digital management of test data. With the development of railway in our country, the train is running faster, more precise and rapid train rim state parameter maintenance and digital management is very important. Rim detector using modern sensor technology, single chip processing system and simple and stable mechanical structure, can conveniently and accurately the geometry parameter of continuous rapid measurement, realizes digital flange height and width, the rim thickness measurement.

Detection of flange height, width, thickness and other aspects of the rim use a lot of sensors, and the most concern is the displacement sensor, displacement sensor has many kinds, used in the train car rim shape detection is the new sensor technology called laser displacement sensor, laser displacement sensor can accurately measure changes in non contact position, displacement measurement, displacement, vibration, distance, thickness, diameter of geometry is mainly used in the detection of. At present, for the detection of laser triangulation is on the train on the rim, short distance measurement accuracy is very high. Can be directly to the detection of the displacement sensor is installed on the track, also can use laser reflective displacement sensor for measuring device of laser sensor die straight line along the direction of scanning the shape of the wheel, the wheel rim data recorded at the same time. The rim contour curve is obtained by the microprocessor, and flange height, flange width, 70mm wear and wear area are obtained. And the measured data upload computer database, the use of advanced postprocessing software for the digital management of train wheel. It not only can be used to measure the wear of wheelset on line, but also can be used in the production line.

The development of transportation is inseparable from the detection technology, and instrumentation and sensor technology is the core of detection technology. Today, the development of high speed power, people not only want to experience the comfort and enjoyment, but with more hope to be safe. The development of sensor technology will bring more security to people's lives, and the development of sensor technology in China will also promote the development of first-class advanced technology in transportation.