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The application of counting sensor technology in the construction
URL:www.63zz.icu Date:2017-2-9   click:2278

Sensor and the Internet of things to achieve intelligent mode, at this stage, many industries began to implement intelligent management. Recently, the national highway network intelligent transformation and construction field, which relates to the application of new sensor technology? Take a look at the following three.

1 Jiangsu highway project to promote the use of Internet of things management and control technology

At present, the construction quality control technology of highway engineering is widely adopted in the construction process of Zhenjiang 312 National Road line in Jiangsu. The technology based on the Internet of things sensing technology, as well as the mobile Internet transmission technology, the realization of the construction process of a full range of monitoring.

Paver and roller in the construction of the stalls of the cab, install "small computer", the top part of the cab is also equipped with a small antenna electronic receiver, this device is a specific application of networking technology, electronic information sent by the receiver, and the remote center database in real time to facilitate docking exchange. Headquarters management personnel to find the construction problems.

This kind of intelligent control system is not only reflected in the construction of paving road, but also has realized the whole process intelligent control in the aspects of material selection, mixture ratio and so on. For example, sensors on the belt can be a variety of data collection to the computer operator computer according to the prompts, ensure the material standard, precision ratio, to ensure consistent performance in the appearance of materials.

2 sensor technology application in Wuxi highway construction

In recent years, relying on the Internet of things technology in Jiangsu, Wuxi, and steadily promote the perception of the road, the perception of the river, intelligent transportation and other public awareness of traffic, for the economic development of Wuxi and the convenience of the public travel to create the conditions.

Among them, the perception of highway construction, highway and bridge is arranged in the vehicle or on the radio frequency identification device, infrared sensor, GPS global positioning system, laser scanner and other information sensor devices connected through a variety of network and highway "perception center". Through information exchange and communication, intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management. During 13th Five-Year, Wuxi will build, build a number of vehicle detection in the trunk and other things in common perception equipment, to enhance the level of refinement of network management.

3 Chong Zun highway tunnel installation of new monitoring system to ensure safety

At present, the investment of tens of millions of tunnel monitoring and control system is located at the junction of Chongqing, Guizhou and Chongqing in accordance with the highway tunnel, which will ensure that high-speed vehicles in the tunnel through the more secure, orderly.

It is reported that this set of monitoring network system is divided into the tunnel traffic signal control (including vehicle detector and variable information board), alarm, lighting ventilation, closed-circuit television monitoring, emergency telephone and radio, distribution, lightning and fire 8 fire automatic monitoring system. In inside the tunnel, every 150 meters will be installed on a camera, every 50 meters to install a manual alarm, and will be installed with thousands of sensors to monitor and monitor the vehicle dynamic function of harmful gases.