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Shanghai NO.1 Automation Instrumentation Factory

Shanghai No.1Automation Instrumentation factory is a renownedprofessional enterprise who is focus on developing and producing various typesof transmitters.

The factory was foundedin 1959, who is the state-owned enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Shanghai and the keyenterprise of Ministry of machinery and electronics industry. On the basis ofintroduction of the technology and complete sets of production equipment ofRosemount series of pressure / differential pressure transmitter from UnitedStates, and continuous innovation and development, increase the advancedmanufacturing technology and equipment investment, which now has the mostadvanced and complete transmission processing technology and special equipment,master the core technology of the transmitter manufacturing, production to3151/1151 series-based all-intelligent capacitive transmitter. The main productseries: 3151/1151 series of capacitive pressure / differential pressuretransmitter, SH115, SH1153 nuclear safety level pressure / differentialpressure transmitter, 3151 series of field bus capacitive pressure /differential pressure transmitter. Products are widely used in nuclear power,thermal power, metallurgy, chemical, petroleum, shipbuilding, military, lightindustry, textile, food, medicine and other industries.