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Shanghai Tachometer Factory

Shanghaitachometer factory is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, which is the key enterprises offormer State Ministry of Machinery Industry.

The company belongs to the Shanghai Automation InstrumentCo., Ltd., which is merged to set up by the Shanghai Instrument Motor Factory(founded in 1946) and Shanghai tachometer factory (founded in 1958). ShanghaiInstrument Motor Factory and Shanghai Tachometer Factory is a well-knownenterprise in the country, the company in 1998 through the ISO9001 qualitysystem certification, in June 2003 and passed the ISO9001: 2000 version of thequality system certification and national mandatory 3C certification.

The company has a long history of the entity, which is anational automation instrument supporting tachometer and control theprofessional motor manufacturer. With more than 50 years of efforts andaccumulated, Both Shanghai Instrument Motor Factory and Shanghai TachometerFactory have rich experience, excellent products, reliable product developmentsystem and quality assurance system.

The main products ofShanghai Instrument Motor Factory are AC and DC motor, AC and DC servo motor,reversible motor, synchronous motor and a variety of stepper motors. Theproducts are used in automated instrumentation, office, medical, packaging,food, printing, postal, entertainment and mechanical automation devices. Theproducts are driven or controlled by various electric and automation devicesand have been exported to the United Statesand Japan.

Shanghai tachometer factory products can be divided intomechanical tachometer, electronic tachometer and intelligent instruments, thestandard speed generator and speed sensor four categories. Applicable toindustrial field monitoring, telemetry and high-precision measurement and otheroccasions. To achieve contact and non-contact measurement, metallurgical,petroleum, chemical, power and machinery, spinning, delivery, tertiary institutions,research and other industries to detect the speed and the necessary parametersof the instrument.