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Shanghai Dahua Instrumentation Factory

Shanghai Dahua Instrument Factory belongs to theShanghai Automation Instrument Co., Ltd., which is the backbone of the Group.Founded in 1925, is China's first instrument factory, after more than 90 yearsof ups and downs, Dahua Instrument Factory has always been in the forefront ofthe domestic instrument industry. Dahua Instrument Factory is a national twoenterprises, the Ministry of Electrical and Mechanical Industry QualityManagement Award, the Shanghai Quality Management Award. 1996 and passedISO9001-94 quality certification. Products of industrial recorders, laboratoryinstruments, computer peripherals, energy-saving instruments four series ofproducts. Widely used in metallurgy, machinery, chemical, power,communications, aerospace, shipbuilding, defense, petroleum, medical, textileand other fields.

We have successfully developed the recorder which conformto GB12727 and GB13625 (IEEE344) standard, with 1E level requirements of thenuclear power plant with EL / H series of recording instruments. The product isin the leading domestic level, to fill the domestic nuclear power plant with arecord instrument blank, was selected as a substitute for imported equipment,Daya Bay nuclear power plant products. Qinshan nuclear power joint venturecompany will be selected as the main control room of the master instrument,will be put into operation in the second phase of Qinshan project.

In the 1990s, we cooperated with Swiss IMV to promoteIMO's SitePro series (10-500KVA) and D-series series (3-30KVA), NetPro series(0.6-4KVA) and other online UPS products.The main products are: XWGJ-101 in the circular chart recorder, JF-12C amplifier, EH-100-12 RBI recorder,EL200-01 recorder, XJGA intelligent digital recorders, EX2-02 paperlessrecorder, FL1100 Double pen recorder, XWBJ-101 large round chart automaticbalance recorder