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Shanghai Guanghua Instrumentation Co., Ltd

Founded in 1934, Shanghai Guanghua Instrument Co., Ltd. (whichwas formerly Shanghai Guanghua Instrument Factory, hereinafter referred to asGH)is the first factory manufacturing flow instrument across the country, isalso one of several earliest enterprises manufacturing automatizationinstrument. It is specialized in manufacture of various flowmeters,differential pressure transmitters, pressure transmitters, liquid leveltransmitters and so on. Main products are CEC series capacitance differential pressure/pressure transmitter, CEC S series capacitance differential pressure/pressuresmart transmitter, CEC(H) series capacitance differential pressure /pressure transmitterfor nuclear-safety, GH3053 series nanocrystal line silicon differential pressure/pressure transmitter, YSZK series silicon pressure transmitter, LD series electromagneticflowmeter and LC series oval gear flowmeter. It simultaneously produces XSKseries microprocessor-based batching flow controller, XSJ series flow totalizer,CA blowing equipment for nuclear-safety, liquid level monitoring system forpressure vessel in nuclear reactor, distributed batching flow controlequipment, etc. These products have been widely used for measuring flow ofvarious liquids, gases, steam and measuring differential pressure, gagepressure and liquid level.

For many years, ourproducts have been welcome at home and abroad. In 1981,

we developed andmanufactured CEC series capacitance differential pressure/

transmitter which hasthe very high reputation in the market for the principle of advanced design,the complete specification, the convenient installation and use,

all day’sexplosion-proof, the stabile performance and high quality and low

overhead. For moretwenty years, CEC series capacitance differential pressure

/pressure transmitterwas improved continually. Key raw material, element and

parts are imported. Theperformance and quality are as similar as ones of this

kind of foreign advancedproduct (such as 1151 series). It keeps ahead in our country.

It is widely used inchemical, steel and iron, coal, water supply and drainage, pulp and paper, food,textile, printing and dyeing and synthetic fiber industries, etc. In the later years,we imported new smart electromagnetic flow converter which adopted MPU and programscontrol. Its function was perfect. It has the characteristics as follows: highstability, automatic zero, automatic check-up, long data storage, faraway signaltransmission, etc. So it is widely used. LDG-K series electromagnetic flowmeteris used for oil prospecting, geology, oil field system, and is used to measurethe volumetric flow of mud with high pressure, high pressure water supply andso on. LDQ series submerged electromagnetic flowmeter is the open ditch flowmeterthat is recommended to measures sewage drainage by State Environmental ProtectionAdministration. At the beginning of 1998, State Environmental ProtectionAdministration awarded GH the technology support enterprise on “the plan ofpopularizing the most practical technology on the national environmentalprotection”.