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Shanghai Ziyi Marine Instrumentation Co. Ltd

Shanghai Ziyi Marine Instrumentation Co., Ltd have twocategories of products in this company: Q96 & Q72 Series Electric andNon-Electric Indicators which are made with the transferred technology andequipment from CRM France. The products with movement parts and movementassembly equipment imported from Germany PRIFEG, which has high precision,stable and reliable, light weight, good seismic performance and environmentalresistance and climate characteristics. The introduction of products in linewith IEC international standards, and access to the French BV classification societies andthe United States ABS classification societies recognized certificate. Theinstallation method in addition to the installation on the conventional disk,but also provides additional devices can be installed on the mosaic disk. Themain varieties are: DC current / voltmeter, AC current / voltmeter,single-phase / three-phase power meter, single-phase / three-phase power factortable, single-phase / three-phase reactive power meter, frequency table,Synchronous tables and remote temperature indicators. Indicating the angle of90 degrees and 240 degrees two optional. This series of meters for ships andships, but also for mobile appliances and other occasions.

The second series products are installed on ships,locomotives and other mobile power equipment and are used to measure AC and DCcurrent and voltage, AC overload current, frequency, power, reactive power,power factor and insulation resistance, ship rudder angle, etc. The mainvarieties are 13,45,63,48,144,240 series of wide-angle electrical measurementindicator, 63,84 series of square electrical measurement indicator, 44,59,69series of rectangular electrical measurement instrumentation, power plants,nuclear power and so on.