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Shanghai East China Electronic Instrumentation Factory

Shanghai East China Electronic Instrument Factory is a professionalmanufacturer of electronic said, sensors, strain gauges of the enterprise. Ithas wide range, complete specifications, stable and reliable quality, testequipment and strong technical force. The company has 50 years of productionscale of the history, in the accumulation of rich experience at the same time,the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced technology, so that theenterprise's sensors, weighing instruments and strain gauges manufacturingtechnology and quality level has been greatly improved.

The current production of the sensor is pulling, pressing, beam andmulti-purpose and pressure, and other five series of different grades of nearly30 models more than 200 kinds of specifications, widely used in hopper scales,car scales, track scales, platform scales, crane scales, and other powermeasurement and monitoring system.

Electronic scale is a kind of industrial scales for weightmeasurement, force measurement, and ingredient control in industrial,agricultural production and scientific research. According to differentpurposes and purposes, we develop and produce a variety of different occasionsfor electronic scales. Customers can choose different sensors and weighinginstruments, composed of different ways of weighing systems, such as beltscales, platform scales, packaging scales, hopper scales, cumulative automaticscales, sorting scales, track scales, batching scales. These weighing systemscan be used in all walks of life: ports, terminals, machinery, metallurgy,chemicals, construction, food, transportation and so on.