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Shanghai NO.11 Automation Instrumentation Factory

Shanghai No.11 AutomationInstrumentation factory is the key enterprise of Shanghai Electric Group, whichis the earliest professional manufacturer of electric actuators. Products arewidely used in power plants, municipal, chemical, oil, oil pipelines, andmetallurgical and other departments. Founded in 1929, covers an area of 16,700 square meters, construction area of 19,400 square meters, the existing staff of 230 people.

Our traditional DDZelectric actuator in the 70,80 years in the market counterparts has been dominatedby products, and enjoy a good reputation.

The factoryintroduced A-type valve electric device and M-type electric actuatormanufacturing technology and key processing and testing equipment from UnitedKingdom ROTORK company in 1992. As the product has a full function,reliability, protection class IP68, suitable for outdoor installation,mechanical and electrical integration and other characteristics, and soon bythe domestic market, especially large power plants and municipal, oil and gaspipeline major projects welcome.

In recent years, thefactory has developed  the AI / MI series of intelligent electric actuator successfully according tothe market, which the sales amount exceeded 100 million RMB during last threeyears. For A / M series and AI / MI series explosion-proof products has beenapproved of testing by the national explosion-proof electrical productssupervision and testing center, and has successfully been used in variousapplication. Atthe same time, we have successfully developed the HA / HM series of electricactuators for nuclear power plants, MII series of intelligent frequencyconversion electric actuators, actuators with HART protocol, FF protocol,DEVICE NET protocol, PROFIBUS protocol and MODEBUS protocol field bus series Electricactuators, which have been up to international level.