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Shanghai NO.9 Automation Instrumentation Factory

Founded in 1960, Shanghai No.9 AutomationInstrumentation factory is one of the key state-owned enterprises, as well asone of the high-tech companies recognized by Shanghai Municipality,specializing in Flow Measuring Instrument business. By making unremittingefforts for more than 40 years, this company has been successfully developed inmanufacturing flow-instruments on a remarkable scale, especially sincesophisticated technology for flow meter being transferred from Japan in 1985.

This company’s mainproduction lines are Series YF Vortex Flow Meter, Series LHS Helix Flow Meter,Series LB Rotary Vane Flow Meter, Series LDCK Electro-Magnetic Flow Meter,Series LSZD Dual-Rotor Flow Meter, Series LL Roots Flow Meter, LLQ Roots FlowMeter for Gas, Series LZ Metal-Pipe Float Flow Meter, Series LW Turbine FlowMeter, LS Rotating-Piston Flow Meter, and other complementary and auxiliaryinstruments for flow measuring, like Filter, Gas-Eliminator, Amplifier, FlowDisplaying and Totalizing Meters in different styles, all of them are beingwidely used in petro-chemistry, power, metallurgy, aviation and environmentalprotection industries. Among the products above, Turbine Flow Sensor isnominated as “The Excellent Product” by Shanghai Municipality, and by Ministryof Machinery Industry as well; Series LL Roots Flow Meter is assigned as “TheWell-known Brand Product of Shanghai” in consecutive five years; Series YFVortex Flow Meter was compared and appraised as the “Top One” Flow Meter forsteam-measuring among the city industries of flow meter in 1988, then named as“The Excellent Product” by Shanghai Municipality in 1989, and awarded, in 1990,with “Third Prize for Progress in Science & Technology” due to thesignificant localization job for Vortex Flow Meter made by this company.

This company had beenpraised by Science & Technology Committee of National Defense, because wehad, on many occasions, successfully trail-manufactured Propulsion-AgentFilling-Devices for Satellite-Launching Rockets with Xi Chang SatelliteLaunching Center in China.Meanwhile, Missile Propulsion-Agent Filling-Device had also been successfullytrail-made for China No.2 Artillery Troop by this company with favorableapplication results.