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Shanghai NO.7 Automation Instrumentation Factory

Shanghai No.6 Automation Instrumentation factory wasfounded in 1958, is the design, manufacture control valve the oldestenterprise. Since 1993 has been rated as high-tech enterprises in Shanghai, in 1995 was rated as Shanghai civilized units.

The main products cover pneumatic control valve, electriccontrol valve, pneumatic positioner, electric pneumatic positioner andpneumatic auxiliary instruments, which are widely used in chemical,metallurgical, petroleum, power plants, military and other fields. Our factorygot the national special equipment design / manufacturing license (pressurepipe) in 2004; and CE certification in 2007.

Our factory engages in the nuclear power industry, whichfill the gaps of China.Completion of the "Eighth Five-Year" national research projects ---nuclear power station with self-control valves, "Ninth Five-Year"national key scientific and technological projects - nuclear power station with1E class electric control valve and pneumatic resistance to brush controlvalve. At the beginning of 2000 by the "People's Republic of civil nuclearpressure equipment design / manufacturing qualification permit", whichmakes our factory become the domestic counterparts in the design, manufacturenuclear level control valve of the first enterprise. Nearly six years has beento Qinshan Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Tianwan Nuclear Power Station andPakistan nuclear power plant to provide a large number of nuclear control valves.