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Shanghai NO.6 Automation Instrumentation Factory

Shanghai No.6 AutomationInstrumentation factory through got the ISO9001 quality system certification in1996, and made the Nuclear Power Station qualified supplier qualification.Long-term professional engaged in the development and production ofcontact-type temperature measurement instruments, non-junction birthtemperature meter and temperature meter calibration device, and other threecategories of products, products for industrial, agricultural, nationaldefense, scientific research and other fields.

ShanghaiNo.6 Automation Instrumentation factory mainly produces XTMA-100 / XTMA-1000digital modulator and recording instrument. There are large and small typeautomatic balance recorder, potential difference recorder and intelligentdigital regulator (can be used for flow, pressure, temperature display andalarm).

Our factory hasintroduced armored thermocouple, micro-ceramic platinum resistance, infraredradiation thermometer and other products manufacturing technology and keyequipment from the French company CMR, the United States Rosemount company, theUnited Kingdom Kane-May company. In recent years, through digestion,absorption, improvement, so that the overall level of products continues toimprove, to meet different levels of different occasions on the temperaturemeasurement requirements. Which WR / WZ series of thermistor thermocouplethermometer is a recommended brand-name product in Shanghai.