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Shanghai NO.5 Automation Instrumentation Factory

Shanghai No.5 Automation Instrumentation factory formerlyknown as construction equipment factory, was founded in 1951, which is a 60-yearhistory of the level and pressure in the professional production of thefactory, is the former State Ministry of Machinery Industry Key enterprises, isalso the mechanical industry in the system of the most complete, the mostinstrumentation of the instrument level of professional manufacturing high-techenterprises.

During the past half a century, Shanghai No.5 AutomationInstrumentation factory researched and developed level instruments (all Seriesof transducers, controllers, level switches and indicator level gauge.Base-type instrument on-site indicator level gauge) to the domestic oil,chemical, metallurgy, mining, energy, transportation, grain depots and othereconomic fields and to national defense scientific research and other keydepartments, major projects and the construction and application of the projectto provide a level meter; pressure measurement instruments (a domesticproduction of high-pressure, ultra-high pressure gauges and precision highpressure gauges and Marine pressure controller); there are mechanical metersfor industrial production process testing and control, with four majorcategories of products, a total of more than 30 varieties, 28 series, three dryspecifications of the model products. Continue to update the species, morehomogeneous, specifications of the instruments and services for China'sautomated instrument control system and modern construction play a role.