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Shanghai NO.4 Automation Instrumentation Factory

   Shanghai No.4Automation Instrumentation factory was founded in1950, which is the key enterprises of Ministry of Machinery Industryspecializing in the production of pressure detection instruments and pressure measuringinstruments. The existing staff of 645 workers, of which more than 180professional and technical personnel, 12 senior engineers, and the plant coversan area of over 12,000 square meters, construction area of 22,000 square meters, Shanghai No.4 Automation Instrumentation factoryis one of the largest production base of pressure instrument, registeredtrademark "Baiyun".

Baiyun brand pressuregauge is widely used in petrochemical, metallurgical and mining,transportation, power plants, textile, food, scientific research and otherindustries, products with high precision, variety, excellent quality andknown,with high reputation and Exports to Europe and the United States andSoutheast Asia. Products are special pressure gauge, pressure measuringinstruments, pressure controller, pressure transmitter, the general pressuregauge and special pressure gauge and computer real-time control system, andother six categories of more than 100 varieties of more than 4,000 kinds ofspecifications.

With the development andapplication of high-tech, Shanghai No.4 Automation Instrumentation factory onthe upgrading of the old product at the same time, but also committed to thedevelopment of new products. National level new products - all stainless-steelseries pressure gauge, which is on the basis of quality performance,cost-effective. Introduced from the UK PM10 pressure transmitter and derivativeproducts quickly in the country to win the market. The four series of small-scalepressure sensors produced by the four automatic production instruments are thekey components of the Long March series and various types of rocketprotrusions. In the launch of the previous satellites and strategic missiles,the parts are foolproof, and the research on rocket launch and missile researchis very Great contribution, has repeatedly been the National Defense Scienceand Technology Commission of the awards. The factory has entered the high-techindustry in Shanghaiindustry, in 1996 and passed the ISO9001 quality system certification.