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Shanghai NO.3 Automation Instrumentation Factory

Shanghai No.3Automation Instrumentation factory is the famoustemperature instrument manufacturer in China. Founded in 1951, which isone of the earliest and the largest professional temperature instrumentsenterprises.

The main products ofShanghai No.3 Automation Instrumentation factory are contact temperaturemeters, non-contact temperature meters and intelligent temperature transmitter,and other three series, and other related application of instrumentation anddevice. It not only can offer full range of contact temperature measurement products,but also provide multi-species series of non-contact temperature measurementproducts business, which no other companies can do it. Products in theimplementation of IEC standards, ASTM standards, JB / T8622, JB / T9238,GB18404, GB / 3836 and other standards, and in 1996 passed the ISO9001 qualitysystem, ISO14000 environmental management system and France France Ma Tong'snuclear product quality system Certification. The industry's first access tothe National Nuclear Safety Administration issued by the civilian nuclearsafety equipment design permits and manufacturing licenses, and through theNational Security Signs issued by the office of the security certification.

ShanghaiNo.3 Automation Instrumentation factory with more than 60 years servicesexperience and ability for the power, oil, chemicals, metallurgy, buildingmaterials and other industries of large-scale key projects. In China, thefirst set of 300MW, 600MW, 1000MW thermal power units and follow-up largequantities of ultra (super) critical large thermal power units of thetemperature measurement instruments are supplied by Shanghai No.3 AutomationInstrumentation factory.